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Used Van Bodies 16' Long for Sale

Our used inventory for 16' Truck bodies includes:   Mickey Truck body, and Babb Van bodies.  The Mickey Truck body

is a Produce style truck bed. These are in stock and available for mounting, call for pricing.  We also are equipped

to repair damage done to the roofs, floors, rear headers, side panels and liftgates.

Used 16' Truck body For Sale

Unit #





16' used truck body 17' used truck body 16' Produce Truck body

Inside Height

86" 85" 84"

Outside Wide

96" 90" 96'


White White White


1998 1991 1998


Amhaire Truck body Babb Truck body Mickey Truck body


TR1635 brsd17085 VB16085


29298 B6398 3872V98


Aluminum Lined light insulation


Aluminum Aluminum light insulation

Plywood walls

yes no yes

Side door

no yes - step up side door no

Rear door

Rollup rollup swing

Door Ht

78" 78" 78"

Door Width

87" 54" 50"

Lift gate

1500lb Tuck, needs 42" high bed no no

Walk ramp

no no no


no  logistics posts  no


no no no

Hold downs

no no no


wood wood wood

Forklift pack

no no no


123" 120" 121""


33" 30" 29"


  Step up side door used Truckbody Insulated for produce

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