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Cargo Van Used Parts

Our used cargo van parts typically come from damaged cargo vans, or mechanical failure vehicles. 

Cargo Van Parts in stock include: GMC Savana 3500 used parts, Chevy Astro used parts, Ford E250

used parts, and Ford Aerostar used parts. 

Some used parts might already be sold, so please call with part you need.


Cargo Vans Parts Pictures


Year Make Model


1995 Chevy Astro Parts 582b.JPG (47821 bytes)582bb.JPG (42703 bytes)


1995 Chevy Astro Parts Van 4.3liter, auto, ps, ac, good rubber, swing out rear door, sliding side door, front/ rear divider.

Maroon interior, does run.

Selling this on complete, currently complete unit. 

cargo van tool box


1996 Chevy Astro Used Parts Van Burnt inside right damage.  Doors back good shape except inside covered in smut.  Outside good. Airbag deployed.   Rear Axle good.  Front and Rear bumper. 

No Transmission, Engine or Front Axle.

MVC-612eS.JPG (37538 bytes)


1999 GMC C3500 Savana UsedParts 5.7 Liter, front end damage, nice seats, cab divider, sliding side door, swing rear, both airbags deployed. Decals have been removed, and front tires.


1998 GMC C3500 Savana Extended Parts Van No engine or transmission, left body side damage and back door.  Decals have been removed and front tires.  Has grill, front and rear bumper.  A lot of misc parts.

Interior door panel not in perfect shape.



1993 Ford E250 used Parts Right side damage, left side good parts. Both swing rear door, metal filing cabinet, front divide, Passenger and Driver Seat.  Automatic Transmission. Rims (2). Grill (small right damage). Divider

Other misc. parts available.

No rear axle.


Engine Core for 1992 Ford E250 4.9 liter

1993 Ford Aerostar Used Parts


1993 Ford Aerostar Parts Van Front from doors forward burnt, inside has smoke damage on all panels including rear. 

Outside from doors back in good shape, divider cage, sliding side door, swing rear door. 

Call for availability of our Ford Aerostar used parts.

652aa.JPG (46366 bytes)


1995 Plymouth Voyager Cargo Van V6  3liter engine has 165K miles.

Transmission - Automatic was rebuilt with approx 11K on rebuild.

Interior and Exterior clean.  

Fuel Pump not working, selling complete as a parts van.


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