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Used Truck Fuel Tanks


Our used truck fuel tanks are in stock, pictures and measurements are below.  Some tanks may have dents. Steel and Aluminum Fuel Tanks.

International 4700 diesel tank, Snyder Used Tanks, Mack Pacific Tanks, Ford LCF Tank, Isuzu NPR Tanks




Unit FT05  Gas Fuel Tank,  6H x 17D x 17L, Steel, 6 to 10 Gallon. Small Dent




Unit FT09   Riverside Fuel Tank steel, gas, A0000,N30, 12H x 22D x 27L, Steel



Snyder 75 gallon steel tank


Unit FT01   Mack / Snyder Diesel Fuel Tank, 5000516383,  21H x 24D x 39L, Steel, 75 Gallon. Small Dent.



Mack Steel Fuel Tank Pacific Diesel


Unit FT06   Mack / Pacific Diesel Fuel Tank, Pt # 1080,  22H x 26D x 39L, Steel, 75 Gallon. Small Dent.



Mack Steel Fuel Tank 75 Gallon Used


Unit FT25   Mack / Pacific Diesel Fuel Tank, 50054 383,  22H x 24D x 39L, Steel, 75 Gallon.



Mack MS250 used fuel tank steel 75 gallon


Unit FT07   Mack / Pacific Diesel Fuel Tank, 5010036779,  22H x 26D x 39L, Steel, 75 Gallon. 



Snyder used fuel tankUsed 30 Gallon Diesel Tank


Unit FT11   Snyder Diesel Fuel Tank Used,  16H x 25D x 21L, Steel, Close to 30 Gallon.




Unit 904 2000 International 4700 Fuel Tanks for sale, Diesel, Steel, 50 Gallon



 International 4600 used fuel tank diesel


Unit 925 1991 International 4600 Diesel Fuel Tanks, Steel, 50 Gallon



945, 1998 International 4700 used fuel tankInternational 4700 passenger side fuel tank


Unit 945 1998 International 4700 Diesel Fuel Tanks, Steel, 50 Gallon



951, 2008 International CF500 used fuel tank


Unit 951 2008 International CF500 Fuel Tank, Ford LCF Diesel Fuel Tank used, Steel



International 4700 Fuel Tanks UsedInternational 4700 Diesel Fuel tank with mounts


 1998 International 4700 Diesel Used Fuel Tanks, Steel, 50 Gallon



Isuzu NPR used fuel tank


Unit 1060   2006 Isuzu NPR Diesel Fuel Tank, Center mount, Steel




Unit 007C   1998 GMC W4 Diesel Fuel Tank, Steel, Side



565, Chevrolet Kodiak used fuel tank565, Chevrolet Kodiak used fuel tank drivers side


Unit 565  1985 Chevrolet Kodiak Diesel Fuel Tank and mount, Steel



Volvo FE613 fuel tank for sale


Unit 795  1986 Volvo FE613 Diesel Fuel Tank with mounts, Steel




Unit FT04  Diesel Fuel Tank, PT # 655569,  29D x 65L, Aluminum, 150 Gallon. Dent



FT17 Used Alulminum fuel tank Snyder 38" long


Unit FT17  Snyder Diesel Aluminum Fuel Tank, PT # 2019996,   26D x 38L, Aluminum, 85 Gallon.



Aluminum 150 gallon used fuel tank


Unit  FT30  Kenworth Diesel Fuel Tank, PT #KP2P0830,  25D x 74L, Aluminum, 150 Gallon. Dent




Unit FT21  Carolina Diesel Fuel Tank, PT # 8180032,  26D x 46L, Aluminum.  Scrapes




Unit FT28  Volvo White Diesel Fuel Tank, PT # 430011030,  26D x 47L, Aluminum, 100 Gallon.




Unit FT34  Freightliner Diesel Fuel Tank,  27D x 44L, Aluminum, 100 Gallon.




Unit FT35  Snyder Diesel Fuel Tank, PT # 503906-C93,  26D x 55L, Aluminum, 122 Gallon.




Unit FT39  Carolina Diesel Fuel Tank, PT # 8180032,  26D x 46L, Aluminum, 102 Gallon.




Unit FT42  Carolina Diesel Fuel Tank, PT # CTE 8067091,  26D x 46L, Aluminum, 102 Gallon.  Dents




Unit 3 Damaged  Fuel Tanks,  Dents




Unit FT22  Tokyo Radiator Diesel Fuel Tank, Dent,  22D x 36L, Aluminum, 50 Gallon. PT# Q725610000




Unit FT38  Michigan Diesel Fuel Tank, Gauge cracked,  22D x 34L, Steel, 50 Gallon. PT# T3502




Unit FT12  Snyder Diesel Fuel Tank, Sending Unitm,  22D x 67L, 100 Gallon. PT# 43001 -1102




Unit 322  1983 Volvo F7 Diesel Fuel Tank, Aluminum.


Unit FT08 Hydraulic Tanks 11H x 23D x 36L, Steel.




8 Units Reservoir Tanks 16H x 20D x 20L, 25 to 30 gallons. Steel, Off Car Haulers.




Unit FT45 Storage Tank, Plastic / Poly type material.



FT29, Hydaulic Tank


Unit FT29  Hydraulic Tanks  26D x 30L, Aluminum.




Unit FT26  Ventura Air Tank  9D x 12L, Steel.




Unit FT27   Air Tank  9D x 22L, Steel.




Unit FT40   Air Tank  8D x 24L, Steel. PT# 4WAA206381




Unit FT41   Air Tank  8D x 25L, Steel.












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