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GMC Used Straight Truck and Cargo Van Parts For Sale


Used truck parts for GMC C7500, GMC 3500HD, GMC Savana 3500 Box Truck and/or Cargo Van.


1998 GMC T6500 used parts1998 GMC T6500 Rear end differental, Eaton 8H225
872, 98 GMC T6500 used radiator1998 GMC T6500 charge air cooler, 815987631872, GMC T6500 used transmission, Eaton 6 speed FS5306A

1998 GMC T6500 Used Truck Cab & Parts      Unit 872

Cab with doors or without doors, it does have damage to the bottom right corner

Transmission Fuller Eaton 6 Speed Manual FS5306A / 100808I8. Eaton Rearend Chunk. flywheel housing cracked (see picture)

Miscellaneous Parts - Steps, power steering reservoir, fan clutch, radiator, charge air cooler 815987631

2007 Caterpillar C7 turbo, used 237-5252962, 07 GMC C7500 used transmission, eaton FS5406A

962, 2007 GMC C7500 or C6500 used truck cab for sale

2007 GMC C7500 Truck Cab for Sale     Unit 962

Cab with doors are complete.  Engine - Caterpillar C7 (for parts only).  Transmission - 6 speed Eaton FS5406A- good, clean interior, CA 189"

2000 GMC 3500 HD Sierra     Unit 756

Cab with doors are complete. Engine - 6.5 turbo diesel (does not turn over).  Transmission automatic- good, clean interior, CA 107 (selling as a unit)

2003 GMC W3500 (NPR Style)     Unit 1013

Cab with doors.  Engine - 4HE1 having problems


1997 GMC W3500 (NPR Style)     Unit 1074

Cab with doors.  Engine - 4BD2TC - hole in block

2000 GMC 3500 Savana cutaway used parts

2000 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway     Unit 837

Cab with doors or Cab and chassis, Engine -8 cylinder for core. Transmission 4L80e for core. have been sold. Box Sold.

2005 GMC Savana Cutaway used engine, LQ4, 8 cylinder

2005 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway     Unit 883

Motor - LQ4 6.0 Liter V8, fuel tank, exhaust, Cab for parts, and other parts available.

MVC-612eS.JPG (37538 bytes)612, 1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cargo Van Rear doors, used

1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway     Unit 612

Engine -5.7 Liter good HO57582, No Transmission.  Divider, Panels,  Rear door.  Both airbags deployed. Area of damage - right front, sides, rear.

1999 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway     Unit 637

No engine or transmission, Left body side damage and back door.  Inside Bulkhead Wall.  Grill (small damage), Hood, Fan Shroud. 

Front Bumper and Rear Bumper. Windshield.   Other Misc. Parts

06 GMC Savana Cutaway Rear axle, Dana 70006 gmc savana 8 cyilnder engine, 893

2006 GMC 3500 Savana Cutaway Used Parts  Unit 893

Engine - LQ4,  Transmission - Automatic.   Right door, Left door -(damaged at bottom hinge)

Large mirrors sold, Cargo Van Mirrors installed (these will not work well with the larger box). Misc parts: Coolant overflow bottle, Fan Blades,

Radiator hose and thermostat, Horn, Fuse block, Left Turn/Marker Assembly, Right Headlight assembly. Computer

1999 GMC 3500 Spare Tire Mounts    

1999 GMC / Chevrolet 3500 Vandura style door

GMC 3500 Rear ends (older models)

2000 GMC W3500 Transmission

Transmission  8972248890, female plugs  35101-8532    1G1U1A

2004 GMC W4500 TCU, transmission control unit 897315-8510

2004 GMC W4500 Used Parts  Unit B005

Rear Cab Glass, Passenger Seat, Center Seat, Seat Belts, Steering Column Assembly Floor Mat, Rear Cab Latch (cab side), Grill,

Interior Door Panel, Dash Instrument Cluster.  Misc. Door Parts and Misc. Dash Parts

03 GMC 3500 LQ4 used engine


2003 GMC 3500 Savana TG33 Parts  Unit 651

LQ4 - good.  Savana Automatic transmission 4L80e - good.  Dash Parts

GMC Steering Box Part #650061

GM Transmission

GM Transmission

Hydra HPP   Ser 99 8 310   Hydra LBP  Ser 97 7 063  Hydromatic JHP  Ser 24204350

GMC Grills

some possibly Chevy, GM grill 15973928 - GMC Topkick 1990 - 1996, GMC Grill 15959425, 15973929

GMC C6500 Engine

366 GMC Motor, 8 cylinder (core) no covers.  Holley carbonator. GMC F-18-4   348772, Exhaust # GMRH140045184 Intake # 354469 Step Plates for battery boxes.







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