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   UPDATED : Mar 24, 2017

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Used Flip Style Liftgates

Used Flip lift gates style need a truck with a box or flatbed that has stake sides.  Installation available.  These styles

work great for bread trucks and smaller 3500 and Isuzu trucks.  If you are in looking for a lift gate part, give us a

call with the part needed for an accurate quote


Tuckaways Railgates Flipgates



Maxon RCM used liftgate for install

Unit F39  Maxon, RCM, 1600lb, 90 x 36 + 6" angled ramp.  For a 96" wide Bed.

used tommygate aluminum railgate for install

Unit F41  Tommy gate, VSAW91-1050, 1000lb, 86 x 36 + 6" angled ramp.  91" wide outside rails. 

Unit F43  Theiman Pickup Gate, TT12, 1250 capacity, 56 x 26 + 5.  60 1/2" wide outside rails.


Unit F47  Maxon, RCMAB, 1600lb, 90 x 36 + 6" angled ramp.  For a 96" wide Bed.






New Liftgates

Quality Aftermarket Replacement Parts

Liftgate Repairs at shop






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