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 UPDATED : August 19, 2016

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Used Tuck-away Liftgates for Sale - (for mounting)

New Leyman Lift gates also available.   New or Used Liftgate Parts available.   Liftgate Repairs.


A used Tuckaway Liftgate will tuck under the rear door when it is in the closed position.  

Current used Tuck-away inventory includes:  Maxon Liftgates, Waltco Tuck away, Leyman used Tuck away. 

Lift gates can be installed onto: The lower height trucks like the Isuzu, and The dock high style truck.

Mounting Available: Call for Pricing and Availability.  If your Lift gate is damaged or broke we are able to

do these repairs in Forest Park, Georgia. 

Tuckaways Railgates Flipgates


Waltco tuckaway liftgate and walkramp

Waltco 3000LB Used Tuckaway   Model 263 E30, 546065, Platform 80" x 36" Unit T215

Waltco 2500LB Used Tuckaway  Model 202RT, 388927, Platform 72" x 36"   Unit T105

Waltco 2500LB Used Tuckaway Model 262R, 488003, Platform 72" x 32"    Unit T171

Waltco 2500LB Used Tuckaway Model 262RTS, 388160, Platform 72" x 36"    Unit T107

Waltco used tuckaway gate for install

Waltco 2500LB Used Tuckaway Model 262, 230033, Platform 72" x 36"   Unit T201.

waltco used tuckaway gate for installwaltco used lift gate

Waltco 2500LB Used Tuckaway  Model 202RT, 388502, Platform 72" x 36".   Unit T51

Maxon 3000LB Used Tuckaway   Model MTB30, 070581568, Platform 72" x 36".  Unit T204

Used Maxon GPT 5000lb gate

Maxon 5000LB Used Tuckaway  Model GPT, 07014960, Platform 80" x 60".   Unit T241

T145, used tuckaway liftgate for install, maxon 72-25

Maxon 2500LB Used Tuckaway  Model 7225,  Platform 72" x 36".   Unit T145



Waltco 2500LB Used Tuckaway  Model 202R,  Platform 72" x 38".   Unit T245




Tuck away Lift Gates for Parts - (below)


Maxon 2000LB Used Flip Platform, used  From a 72" x 36" gate  Unit T72

Waltco 72" x 34" Steel Platform, used      Unit T61

Maxon GPTLR Used Parts and Platform  64x85 aluminum platform, No extension plate    Unit T185


Maxon GPTLM Used Platform  (these do not go together) 

p002, used maxon bmrwa aluminum 60" platform

Maxon BMRWA Aluminum Used Platform 84 x 60 (For 102" Wide)

2002 Waltco 262R, E25 Used Platform   Unit T196

2002 Waltco 262R, E25 Used Platform   Unit T195



New Liftgates for Sale


Quality Aftermarket Lift gate Replacement Parts

Liftgate Repair in Georgia at shop






Call (404)361-8785, Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:30 pm or  Email if your in need of Lift gate Repairs, or Trailer Repairs, or

Box Truck Repairs in and around Atlanta Georgia.


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